Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the "NOW"

I attended a "Healthy Happy Hour" titled "I Am Grateful" last night at Balance In Motion. Sounds... interesting, right? Well, there was a wonderful spread of organic wine, fruit and cheeses and the office lobby was packed with people. Dr. Chrissy Stamm brought in a writer who lead everyone in a wonderful exercise that gave us a wonderful opportunity to stop and really think about what we are grateful for. I thought it was pretty timely considering the holidays are upon us. This was the third annual poetry writing event that Dr. Stamm had hosted.

As we all sat around and wrote down our thoughts on what we were truly thankful for, starting with ourselves and working our way outward, you could sense the creative energy flowing. The instructor asked us to write down our two favorite passages from what we had written and share them with our neighbors. We were then instructed to write a poem using words we had written and had received from our neighbors as well.

When we were finished, all of us had a chance to share what we had written. I must say, it was all very profound. We all learned that everyone is a poet. The key is to write down our thoughts, prayers, wishes and things we are grateful for and then arrange the wording, just so, to make it flow.

We all had such a wonderful time, we urged Dr. Stamm to hold these "I Am Grateful" events once a quarter instead of annually. I am definitely returning for the next one. Let me know if you would like to join me!

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