Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Exquisite Hair Experience

Within an average-looking building in Newport Beach, a gem of a salon can be found called Exquisite Hair Designs & Bodywerks Spa. It's quaint, clean, comfortable and cozy all due to the tireless efforts of it's owner, Sharon Antonucci, who also doubles as somewhat of an interior decorator - and a very good one at that! Sharon graduated high school with her certificate in hair styling and hasn't put down the shears since.

The one thing that struck me about her salon is that it is set up in a compartmentalized way versus having a wide open space with everyone tripping over each other. There is a seperate room for massage and facials and another separate, well-equipped hair styling station apart from where she performs her styling magic.

In a small space where most people wouldn't dare to erect walls, Sharon has managed to include four rooms, each with a purpose. The reception area may be tiny, but she has managed to arrange it effectively to include a reception desk, product displays and four comfortable chairs. I was personally impressed when I saw the Michael Parks print displayed over the coffee station.

I was able to witness Sharon's talents first-hand last week. She listened as I explained that I wanted to grow out my hair and what the style was that I was going for. Sharon instantly went to work describing her process and methodology as she shaped my hair and told me about the long-term plan for getting me where I wanted to be style-wise. When Sharon was done, I had been transformed and understood that this was the first step to creating the ultimate hair style. I took in her suggestions and made mental notes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as do her other regulars who faithfully return each time they need her services. I had the pleasure of talking with a few of her other clients and they would follow her to the ends of the earth. Who doesn't need a hair stylist that they would sing their praises from the roof tops if they could? These stylists are hard to find, but I managed to find Sharon Antonucci of (aptly named) Exquisite Hair Designs.

Sharon specializes in Hair Extentions, Color and Weaving at prices you won't find anywhere else. FREE consultations! Ask about her monthly Spa events!

Visit Sharon's web site at www.exquisitehairdesigns.com

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