Friday, July 31, 2009

An Evening with Ivana

Last night, I attended my first spa party. Ivana was the host and owner of Forbidden Spa in Costa Mesa. Being the organized person that I am, I was the first to arrive - I dislike being late. As I opened the door, I startled Ivana who was gazing out the window of her 2nd story facility and blasting Italian opera.

Ivana was a tall vision in a long black and white dress and long flowing hair. She's exotic, to say the least - and that was before I heard her accent! She glided over to meet me and began the tour of her spa. She started with the piece d'resistance: The Body Detox Capsule.

This large white egg of technology will give you a sauna treatment and massage all while you lie gently and listen to music. Ivana says this will help to detox and promote weight loss in addition to a balanced diet and exercise. She also has workout equipment in her Costa Mesa facility and offers healthy chocolate to her spa members.

One thing I spotted as I was touring was the NuSkin Galvanic Spa set which has been clinically proven to remove wrinkles and stretch marks in addition to repairing skin disorders such as rosatia. A 20 minute session will run you $30 and can be applied just about anywhere. It's the new trend in Hollywood:

Aside from the spa treatments, she also indulges her members in offering Yurman style design jewelry, custom design clothing, evening outfits and burlesque dance lessons. You could become the next Bette Page!

Feel free to check out Ivana's web site at Open Wed-Sat: 5-9pm

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