Monday, February 15, 2010

From Meatetarian to Vegetarian

I've decided to document a journey from being a meat-eater to having more of a raw food diet. I was inspired by an article sent by my friend, Dan Pesta. The article is titled "Stop Making Cancer" and it instantly caught my attention due to my passion for health and wellness. In addition, it reminded me of my blog entry "Cure for Cancer".

In this article, it describes how disease is manufactured by what what we expose our bodies to, such as what we eat, chemicals, lack of exercise and supplements. It also contained a link to an interesting video that talks about how humans were never meant to consume meat.

The video lead me to another video "Raw for 30 Days" which is a movie trailer of a study done with 7 insulin-dependent diabetics who were put on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables for 30 days. The results were astounding!

All this has helped to inspire me to introduce more organic fruits, nuts and vegetables into my diet and reduce the amount of processed foods (including meat) that I consume. I will document here what I am doing/eating, how I am feeling and how it is changing my appearance (skin, weight, etc.). As of this writing, I weigh 160 pounds. I am hoping that this new lifestyle will help me to reduce the weight and help me to feel healthier.

Stay tuned!

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